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Feedback on some advert designs in early stages


I'm working on some adverts for a new fundraising app; the project has sort of stalled but I've decided to continue working on it for myself and was looking for any input you guys might have. There are two designs that are more developed than the other two which are still kind of in the "draft" stage. Hopefully you can tell the difference!! These are just screen shots so quality won't be amazing.

I haven't decided on fonts yet so comments about the type are less critical, the actual copy is likely to change as well. They also need re-sizing to fit the various social media ad spaces (I wasn't given any idea of size or format to begin with, I do realise that you should always start a design with the right size!); but if you have opinions on the general layout, things that work and things that don't that would be super.

Let me know what you think, and thanks in advance =)

EDIT - one of the files i think was too big so there are only 3 not 4

image_18609.jpg image_18610.jpg image_18611.jpg
The first image (18609.jpg) looks better structured, but the social media icons are a bit too big. Also I don't know why you have repeated the logo twice. I like the slashed background effect.

The other 2 images, I don't believe follow the organisation's branding very well.

If you are designing for an app, aim to make the image twice the size.
Hi PriyeshDesign,

Thanks for your feedback. Yep the first image was the one I've worked on and developed most. Ah yes, the logo is there twice because the client didn't send me any origination, I started designing with screen shots of stuff I took from their various online presences. When I re-created that black column, it didn't even occur to me that the logo was unnecessary; one of those times where you've been staring at something for so long you don't even register or notice it. Thanks for pointing it out though, and yes, I agree the social media logos are a bit big.

I'm not sure I fully understand your other comments though, perhaps as somewhat of a "noob" to branding. Maybe you could expand on that comment for me?

Also when you say to make the image twice the size, do you mean the over-all design needs to be bigger, or all the images need to be bigger, or the screen shots of the app functioning? Sorry if I'm over thinking or confusing something very simple =/

Thanks very much for your feedback