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Feedback on site, please.


Senior Member
Hi Chris,
A few thoughts:
I found the diagonal background a little distracting, might be better to have a solid colour behind the content. Just makes the content wrestle with the background too much for me.
It's all a little neutral as well, maybe it needs a little colour to liven it up a bit.
I think you're going to have to be careful how you lay out the content as well, I know it's early days but the mock up you have is a little blocky.
Also I almost got knocked out by your blog header, it's massive and felt like a blow to the head when it loaded.
There is no message to your front page either, just a short description and straight to the content. What do you want/need to tell people as a first impression

On the plus side the logo is simple and strong, most of the site colours are complimentary to it (still think you need a highlight colour though to breathe a bit of excitement into it). Using a serif font for the main header, so close to your modern looking logo is confusing too, sends a mixed style message.

Sorry if this is too much, hope some of it helps.


Senior Member
hey chris

IMO i like the background but i agree with what krey20 is saying about the content being abit blocky.

i like the overall design of the site but one thing i dont like too much is the line when you hover over the navigation.

overall though it looks good. (i guess you know that the navigation doesnt work)



Senior Member

looking better. im just not sure about the contact details in the top right. they look a little out of place. it does look better though with out the stripe background (even though i liked it before aswell)


Senior Member
Just to clarify one of my first points, I liked the stripes, just not with them working behind the content, might have been nice to have them at the sides of the content area.


Senior Member
ahh you're kidding me.

like 5 elements of that site were straight off what i was planning for my new portfolio site. obviously a little different, but now i'll look like a copycat. :|


Staff member
I've got to go with Ken's (Krey20) post up top too, I thought the strips needed to be reduced where the text is, a simple flat colour box (maybe with border) behind the text area should solve that nicely.
The blog header was a bit of a shock compared with the smaller sizes upto that point too.

On the homepage I kept getting drawn to the green in the bottom right corner, the colour was far more powerful than any other aspect of the page and draws the eyes in. You either need to tone it down if you want to go for the neutral look you have for the rest of the site, add in the accent colour like mentioned or even both.


Senior Member
I'd try Krey20s suggestion too. Have the stripes on either side as a boarder with a solid block behind the content.

I like the stripes and it would be a shame to loose them completely because I think they compliment your colour scheme, but having them full screen will be a bit much when you start adding more content.

I'd also suggest you move your contact details down in line with your logo, they seem a bit lost up there in the corner.