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Feedback on logo design? :)

Hi all,

I'm new here. :icon_confused: I don't know if this is the done thing or the correct area of the forum to do it in, but I'm looking to get some feedback on a logo I'm designing. :icon_blushing:

It's for a stray dog charity.

The colour is subject to change. Green just happened to be the random colour I used to draw in illustrator.

thanks in advance! :icon_smile:

Paul Murray

Staff member
I like it, though I'd try and simplify it a little more, perhaps making the lines slightly thicker so they've still got some weight when the logo is scaled down. I'd also remove the pattern from the tag on the dog's collar. You won't be able to make them out at smaller sizes.

Good start I'd say :)
Agree with above comments, and with the inclusion of thicker lines maybe a thicker,taller font? Or at least something tall and narrow that fits to the extents of the image.

Like the illustration, good stuff!


Well-Known Member
Agree with all the above comments...but check when it gets enlarged that the thick lines aren't too thick. Choose a different colour!!