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Feedback Needed Please

Hello all,

I'm new to the forum. I would greatly appreciate it if I could get some constructive feedback for a a website which I have created for my workplace.

I know I'm no professional but I wish to improve from the stage I am at now. The website is for a car service centre and is being built to the design and style in which the boss wants it too look, (they are pleased with the way it is atm) although I wanted to post on here to get some more feedback on how to make the site look very proffesional?

What would you change, or add graphic and visually wise?

CSG Group

PS: ignore the signs and recovery buttons ans the take you elsewhere to a different site.

Thanks for any feedback it will be greatly appreciated!


Might I suggest that you make an Introduction first before asking people on this forum to review any of your work.

You will get a better response that way.


Junior Member
I seen your design work, but i think it's looking too dark and contrast colour combination. Also the images and fonts if you make small will look somewhat pretty.
I agree with gweb on the colours. Way to dark, and too must of a contrast between the colours. My advice, back to the drawing board, find a colour scheme using something kular and work with that. If CSG has a logo, try incorporating that as well as the colour scheme from that.