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feedback for new site please


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Have you looked at the site in firefox 3.5?

Before even talking about the site, sort out the layout so its how you want it.


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yeah, forgot to mention its not working in firefox yet. its how i want it in IE. Once i have it working in IE i will work on it so it works in firefox.
sorry forgot to mention that.


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renniks said:
Have you looked at the site in firefox 3.5?

Before even talking about the site, sort out the layout so its how you want it.
LOL! its a bit... errr.. all over the place in firefox and ie8 :S Just out of interest, your offering web design - whos doing that then?


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If there are any services that are not mentioned above then please email or phone me
why would any customer want to call you to remind you of a service on offer?

surely you should know exactly what you are offering and to who.


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Sadly my best friend uses it as his browser of choice, and as his php skills are better than mine, I make sure everything works for him haha.
am sorry it is not yet a website! got lots of work to do mate

TomStutt said:
Hi, thanks everyone

The site looks ok in IE 7 and 8 and I have just downloaded firebug to help me sort it out in firefox.
forget about that, a website must atleast work with firefox and any IE to be considered a website. A good website must work on safari, opera and google chrome also. I think your approach to web design needs a review


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Hey Tom stick at it bud,

You'll notice that you have to be very careful on these forums when asking for 'critique' on work, not that the 'critiques' wont be any good rather, you opening yourself up to proper interrogation unless the site / work is 100% complete, polished and water tight.

Stick with it mate, take on board the comments with a pinch of salt and lets see what you can come up with.


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Indeed, the critique is sometimes harsh or brash, but when the site doesnt work (and it didnt for me in any browsers, the text floated wrong, the box was overlapping, and if thats how you meant it to be it was hideous, but I assume you didnt) we cant give real critique, just the critique that you need to get it sorted in a majority of browsers before asking for critique.

AND if it doesnt work in certain browsers, or you know you've only tested certain browsers, state that in the initial post :D


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Forgetting the coding problems, the background made me click off within a second or two, too in your face for me.

How about a simple grey to white BG for example? That's just putting an option out there, by no means the best.


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Do you actually prepare a design or do you just open up notepad, start coding and think "Ok, I need a header image here, let's quickly make that" ?

Open Photoshop (or your preferred software) and design your website. Show us the design before you start coding it.
hey tom, my advice is that do a mock up of your design in photoshop first before coding. Set out your layout and make sure it looks ok before you start coding.