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Feed me back on this site template


Junior Member
I am designing a template for personal use, please would anyone be kind enough to let me know what you think:

Colour Scheme
Size + Width

I have tweaked it a lot after speaking to others, but now need professional advice :)

Thanks, link is in my sig. Ignore content, all BS :p


Junior Member
Geoff (if I may call you Geoff),

Thanks for your help, that site looks very good indeed! I have also been perusing sites of other members here, including your own, and all are brilliant for inspiration. Will take these ideas into consideration.

Thanks very much
Hey Faz,

I am probably not the person to comment on your site as i am not brilliant at web, although about a month ago i knew nothing about coding etc and i have just about managed to get my template looking "alright" S.J Design - Home

Can you not code from scratch? Draw it out in PSD how you want and go from there:)



Staff member
sorry don't like it. To me the orange doesn't sit right with the grey you've chosen, think it should be more yellow tones.

I have difficulty reading the 'design' bit in the header and am unsure why you have the too striped sides.


Junior Member
Ok, thanks for the CC! I have taken the template offline, and replaced it with a very attractive Llama at the minute, a new little template is being drawn up...

I can code from Scratch, but I am not very good... so that is why I prefer using a designer.