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favourite classic tune


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too hard, can I have a go by genre?

I'm DJing a night in a few months, called all time top 100, and its exactly that, my all time top 100 tunes. I went through my itunes, and got 75 songs, thats a drop in the ocean of my collection aswell! One song...not enough...brain fried....100 songs not enough...too hard...


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Greg said:
Just going to throw one more in for good measure,
Lucky Man - The Verve
Hehe, I tell my girlfriend that's a song about me, aren't I nice :love:

Top tune though. All the Urban Hymns album is :up:


Staff member
oooh tough one -
rhythm is a dancer by snap or n-trance's set you free always seem to sound good every time I listen to them though :)

Smooth Criminal by MJ is always good to watch (its the video that does it)

edit - how could I forget final countdown by europe and poison by alice cooper!!!

argghhhh - theres too damn many, just thought of phil collins, in the air tonight! and theres roxette, it must have been love (yes the pretty woman song), she looked hot too which helps :)

metallic - nothing else matters


From Hank to Hendrix (the Neil Young Cover) by Ben Kweller was done on BBC Radio 2 almost a year ago ... absolutely amazing song and beautifully produced.