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Fast & Effective Cartoon Effect In Photoshop

Discussion in 'General Software & Hardware Forum:' started by glenwheeler, Jan 7, 2010.

  1. glenwheeler

    glenwheeler Senior Member

    Ok what we are going to do is take this image and cartoon it!:


    Step one: Open the image in photoshop

    Step 2: Go to filter >> Blur >> Guassian Blur and Set the radius 3.0 or higher depending on the effect your looking for.

    Step 3: Go to edit >> Fade Gaussian Blur. I window will pop up, select mode to darken

    Step 4: Duplicate the layer or copy and paste it on top

    Step 5: Go to filter >> Other >> high pass >> set to 1.5 >> change the blending option of the copied layer to multiply. (You set this in the area just above the layers pallete.)

    Step 6: Go to image >> Adjustments >> Threshold >> Move dial to give best effect.

    Result should look something like this:

  2. davewill

    davewill Senior Member

    this is abit of a random post isnt it glen? or have i missed something?
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  3. I think its a great reference on how to do things in Photoshop when you can't always remember / don't know :)

    Nice post Glen :) thanks for sharing :D
  4. glenwheeler

    glenwheeler Senior Member

    lol why is it random?
  5. GrahamZ

    GrahamZ Member

    He looks very homosexual with that pinky ring.
  6. davewill

    davewill Senior Member

    ha, sorry greg, i didnt mean to sound rude! its the first time ive ever seen a tutorial posted on DF and ive been here for a few months now, i didnt realise it was something that happened here, but now ive read the description of 'inspiration corner' its doesnt actually seem that random after all!
  7. glenwheeler

    glenwheeler Senior Member

    He's allowed to...but does he look homo with Nicole?...hmmm
  8. glenwheeler

    glenwheeler Senior Member

    lmao! No bother trooper! and I'm Glen dont get me mixed up with greg I might becomg DF director one day calling me that :O haha!
  9. Levi

    Levi Moderator Staff Member

    Glen, I'm going to be honest with you here and say that doesn't really look cartoony to me
  10. davewill

    davewill Senior Member

    oops, my bad, apoligies glen! just had my wisdom tooth out so im not quite with it!
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  11. TomStutt

    TomStutt Senior Member

    Sorry Glen but I agree with Levi. It looks the same but with black marks round it. Sorry dude
  12. allyally2k

    allyally2k Senior Member

    i think it's a pretty good tutorial, like it's good for quickness. You could probably make it look more cartoony if you played round with the levels etc. I had a little go last night.
  13. Rhonda

    Rhonda Senior Member

    I like it too. You know, it kind of makes the picture have a "Pop-Art" feel to it. Kind of like Andy Warhol style maybe?


    Or possibly sort of a comic book illustration feel to it. True what Ally says though, the user could probably tweak the settings and play around with the overall look.
  14. HippySunshine

    HippySunshine Senior Member

    His pinky isnt very "pinky" - its looooooooooong!
  15. glenwheeler

    glenwheeler Senior Member

    Did you have a play with the guassian blur? It can give different effects for different photos. Maybe I didnt use it enougth on this one.

    But anyways...opinion accepted blud. Can I cartoonize you just to see what it looks like?

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