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FAO GREG - WTF is going on....

...every time i reply to a thread on here - when i go back to view it again its vanished off the 'new topics' list.

It only re appears when someone else replies after me -

I can't even see this one!

What the freckle is going on?


Senior Member
Why would you want to see a thread you've just posted in? you know what you've posted?

(You can click today's posts in the quick links menu, would be good to have both of these up the top, greg?)
- Xenonsoft-

It isnt even above the
"The threads below have not been updated since your last visit but still contain unread posts' line.

Yes i do - i need to be reassured - i always double check i've shut doors aswell.


Active Member
Hmm quite the mystery, so when you view this page you're not seeing this thread at all? Or you are but it's beneath the 'not updated since last visit' message?


Active Member
I blame Timmy, I think he's jotted off on holiday and left the toaster plugged into the DF website and it's overheated and fried the Visibilty button.


Senior Member
When you reply to a thread, instead of being in the new threads (unviewed) it is counted as viewed, he wants that to change :)