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Fake Briefs!

Don't know about the rest of you, but freelance-wise the only work I really get in is corporate idendity, which is a pain as that's now all that's in my portfolio.

I'm wondering if maybe we could post some fake briefs here etc for people like me who could do with some more versatility in their portfolio :)


Staff member
Chris - competition to make the a poster/ticket/ad for the 5000th post celebration that you're inviting us all to :p


LOL I wish I could hold a party for that :lol: though i will have a comp to have a banner on my sig for a week when i hit the big 5000 posts :lol: that would be funny :p as it would be a 24 hour comp :lol:


there wouldn't really be a prize other than me having your design on my sig :lol: so not much of a prize at all :lol:


Senior Member
I wish I was at home! I would have made you a signature in seconds!

On topic, poster design, shirt design, most of the time I get 'here are the details, do whatever you want with it.'

The last 5 cd sleeves I've done, I've been given the title of an album, the music and a lot of trust!