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I've just put a Facebook page online and I'm looking to get a bit of a network on there so if anyone has a Facebook page for their work let me know and I'll add it to the pages favourites.:D


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MsCliffHazel said:
What is FB licensing?
facebook licensing was changed recently to basically allow them to do whatever they like with your images without having to ask for your permission, you agreed to the terms etc when joining.


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Id forgotten all about this thread! Ill get about adding the pages when I get back. It was my understanding that you could no longer use fbml however I believe they are supporting existing pages using this code. They have now switched over to iframes and I had a complete nightmare making the landing page because you source files need to be hosted on a secure server (https) which my site isnt. I had to use Amazon servers to host the images and a seperate 3rd party app to host the html and css as this wouldnt work through Amazon. You can host on a non secure (http) server but amy Facebook users who use the secure Facebook domain (which is now most of them) would be prompted to switch to an unsecure connection when viewing my page which would be a bad idea.


I don't have a Facebook company page.. I barely use Facebook as a general rule anyway.. does anyone find it works well for business leads?
Fredskov.com on facebook - This is my own portfolios associated website.

On top of that i'm trying to build up a small community of people within the profession for feedback/thoughts sharing/helping each other out with some free pr maybe? etc.
Not as in a forum though :) - More like contacts. Especially for people new to the profession.