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Facebook Pages

When I clicked on that link, having logged into Facebook, I was taken straight to their page, without having had to request to be friends with them - how does that work? - is there a different setting for business sites that give instant public access?


we have one for our work too.. doesn't do much.. the twitter feed does more for us at the moment :)


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I keep Facebook to personal stuff too, I've never considered it a place to market my design services, and from what I've heard it hasn't been that effective for others to do so, has anyone with a Facebook business page/group had any success/leads from it?


Staff member
Got a personal facebook, never use it lol. I may end up using my twitter account more once I update my site but to be honest I can't say I use that either, same with a blog even though I know they're good for seo etc


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While I occasionally upload work, I tend to keep Facebook for personal crap to do with genuine friends, or also school dickheads/acquaintances. I think I'll use twitter more to post artwork and stuff.