External Hard Drive Keeps Disconnecting


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My External Hard Drive keeps disconnecting and reconnecting. It's a WD Passport for Mac.

1) Any suggestions how to stop this issue?

2) I am thinking in order to stop this from happening, maybe it's my Energy Saver settings that can be adjusted to help this issue.
How do you use Energy Saver?
Can you check if the pictures attached show that these options are all right?

Thank you



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In all honesty, being a portable harddrive I suspect it's got firmware with built in 'sleep' when not in use. I know some of my external drives spin down when not being accessed reguarly and they're desktop drives, I've disabled all my usb power save features, albeit on windows not os-x.

Your changed settings would stop drives from 'sleeping' but that may just relate to your built in drives, something you likely wouldn't notice if your drive in your mac is an ssd, rather than a drive on a usb port which might need the usb power settings to be adjusted too, this doesn't look to be an option on those screenshots.