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expensive iphone apps


Senior Member
good idea.

if you have a friend who's got an iphone as well as you, and they've got a £5 app or whatever, ask them to enter their apple ID in the app store, download the app you want, and it's free.

task is:

app store
scroll to bottom
sign out
make friend sign in
search for app
press "£x" then "buy now"
it'll say "it'll be free, download now?"



Senior Member
But surely they are only legally allowed on one itunes account (the purchasee's account) which wouldnt be the case on someone elses Iphone ?

*for all intensive purposes: I have no clue on this matter, it just seems a bit odd*


Senior Member
no idea on the exact policy of it but if i had 5 iphones they can be used on all of those, so it makes no different signing in on someone elses iphone and downloadin the app