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Excited for some new work

So, I've just accepted to go and work in Barcelona, Nou Camp for 2 days for a big awards Ceremony.

The company I have been working for are based in Italy and have asked me over for the Experience. Everything paid for too but In think it's going to be hard work!

A very exciting time for me! Has anyone else done any work in another country before?

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Lol I did Check mate, the race in Catalunya is in May. Yeah Berry it's a lovely city. I've been to Camp Nou Twice, truly beautiful place

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Hey Glen,

Yes have worked abroad on business for several companies.
Its great experience, especially trying to explain that you cant get on the company network with hand signals :)
Barcelona is one of my favourite cities, we try and visit once a year...there is a superb design bookshop down one of the back streets stumbled across it as it was a street over from the apartment we rented.

Ras | galería | librería

Ok so the € means the books aren't actually cheaper than anything you could buy of Amazon but it's a brilliant place to browse.

Depends how long you're staying but there are loads of really cool little places to visit.
Awesome is it actually working for FC Barcelona?

My Granddad used to visit spain every year but only the countryside and he hates cities but Barcelona is the only city in the world he likes and he used to be in the navy so he's been to quite a few.


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Shout loudly and point lots!

The hardest thing I have found so far isn't the day to day lingo, its been trying to explain technical things! Best advice is have google translate open at all times!