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Every now and then I end up thinking about complete and utter nonsense...


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And yesterday was one of those days! I was thinking about TV series sex icons, but not conventional ones, I am talking about the characters who are talked about but are real B line characters.

It started with a conversation about Family Guy and getting onto a joke about...

Connie Demico.

Barely in the show, but the high school trouser exciter. So I started to think about other characters like this and I got to...

Yes, nonsense fans, Pinky Tuscadero from Happy Days.

Ready for another....

Megan and Jenny Delany from Star Trek Voyager. Harry Kim and Tom Parris had some adventerous conversations about trying to date these 2!

So now I've confused all of you guys a little, I want to know more characters like this, this is not exactly the sort of thing you can just google. Have a think, any additions to this would make me day!


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The Doctor is a dirty, dirty old man. Or young man, depending on how you look at it. Him looking old at his youngest and looking younger as he gets older... um, never mind. Anyway though, I mean come on - look at his face there!