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Ok so this site I'm working on is for Ryanair Magazine. It's more of a blog layout that magazine layout that will have articles from the mag as well as blog posts from the editors. It's just at the design stage and not coded up yet so you wont be able to click to go anywhere.

Just wanted some thoughs on if you think the design works or not.

Two things to note on the actual site I would have 8 posts as apposed to 6 and yes it is meant to be left aligned ;)



Thanks Guys


Active Member
I'm not 100% sure that the design is too structured and nice for RyanAir viewers. It has lost some of the content led magazine business of the old site. The business creates a value perception that is inherent to the RyanAir brand. I wonder if RyanAir will find a way of charging customers to view the site, in light of their £10 print ticket fiasco?


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Like berry said I think it is a little to structured for a magazine, but it def. has a good vibe and a lot of good elements in it. Have you considered making it a 3 column grid layout or even 4 possibly? I think that will help it look more like a magazine website a lot and also not make the site so vertically dominate . I understand that its a blog also, but right now it looks a little to much like a blog. The only other thing to say really is I'm not to sure about the purple color, it works in your heading text but in the header image i'm not so sure, but I also have never heard of RyanAir so if the color choice has to do with your client then I understand.