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Essential Sites

Hey all,

Been a while since I've been here, how have you all been?

Since I have been working full time I haven't been doing much web and graphic design. I have just bought a new computer as my old one died on me. Only problem is I lost all my bookmarks and files etc

Can anyone recommend any useful sites and software etc that I might need?


Staff member
pull hard drive from old pc, plug into new one via internal cables or external caddy and navigate to the bookmarks folder......

Unless your drive died the data's all there still.....


Senior Member
Seems a bit ambiguous as I suppose these would have been tailored to you. Some of my regular bookmarks (apart from here) are Behance, Digg and a number of design blogs.

Levi said:
I reuse my internal drives with caddies as external drives :)
I don't like throwing my hard drives away for the sake of it either. I figure if there's enough sata ports for them why not just keep them in, I have 5 now! :clap: