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Envelope printing

Hi guys.

Has anyone ever had to design and print envelopes? Ideally I could do with some templates, or failing that some dimensions so I know flap heights/window position etc. Can anyone recommend a good envelope printer? Cheers.

If you speak to a printer they should be able to provide a suitable template with the non-printed areas marked out. The non-print area for an envelope would cover the address window and any area near an edge or flap. Certainly with high volume, low cost envelope printing they ask for the edges to be kept clear.


Junior Member
I like the template for Adobe Illustrator. Do you plan on printing the envelopes in full color, or black and white? Also this is something I might consider, does anyone know the average price to have envelopes printed (both color and black and white)?
Alex Printedeasy said:
Cellar_door, been watching Donny Darko have we? :)

Most envelopes we print here are also Pantone + Black as 4 colour envelope printing is not very cost effective!
Was literally about to type exactly this comment.