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England Rejected to Host World Cup


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So what are peoples opinions on this? Any big football fans around here? I find it an utter disgrtace how we travel to 21 countries to give presentations. Spend thousands of pounds to be even in for a chance and then just put aside.

I thought the presentation put together was absolutley unbelieveable, better than any of the others by a long shot. So Why? and in what way do we go about bidding in the future?


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its a joke mate. they need to changed the way they award the world cup coz at the moment its too personal, not based on stats and facts.

Its not coincidence that Russia and Qatar are both mega rich and have been awarded the next 2 wrold cups. Fifa arent interested in the best tournament (as South Africa proved) They are motivated by money and driven by politics.

It if was up to me then an impartial body would award each bidding country a score out of 100 for different aspects of their bid (i.e stadiums, transport, revenue generated, community integration, legacy left after the tournament, facilities, hotels, ticket prices etc) then the bidder with the total best score would be awarded it. It should be based on facts and stats, not how well you can wine and dine 22 different fat cats.
Its not a football decision.

Its an oil and gas decision.

Have a read of the reports made by FIFA Inspectors before the bidding process.

Qatar has major shortfalls in that they can't grow grass properly.

Worrying for the sport, but with FIFA in charge i'm not surprised, anyone remember when it was a mans game played by men, men with moustaches, moustaches from where you live, who tackled hard and trained and on the beach?
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I couldn't care less. Besides, the only reason Belgium wanted to host it is because we suck too hard at the sport itself to even qualify :lol:


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What's a World Cup?
Someone said that it was to be held in Quatar in 2022?
How can the hold the World Cup on a thin black line around the centre of the globe?