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emerge - call for entries - deadline 21st july


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Call For Entries closes next Tuesday 21st July - you have less than a week left to upload your work samples and enter emerge, the debut graphic design graduate showcase of the London Design Festival.

We will soon be announcing lots of exciting news and events including our guest curator, the amazing venue, our events program and speakers and much much more!!

Remember, it only takes 5 minutes to upload your work samples at http://www.e-merge.info for the chance to get involved in the most exciting graphic design graduate showcase of 2009!

To enter you must be a 2009 MA, BA or fda graduate of a graphic design related course.

We look forward to seeing your submissions.


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Thanks for your replies guys, we've had some great entries thanks from graduates all over the country.
We're just trying to make sure that as many people as possible get the opportunity to showcase themselves and their work to the best of the London design industry.

I'm not sure why you regard this post as spam - surely this forum is about raising awareness of events and opportunities within the design industry?

At emerge, we aim to support the young creatives who are so important to the future of the design industry. It's not an easy time for them at the moment and graduates can do with all the help, opportunities and exposure they can get.

We've had lots of encouraging feedback and with support from the London Design Festival and collaboration with Pentagram I can assure you it will be a really exciting event.


Hi emerge..

the problem is that recently we have had about 4 or 5 of almost identical styles of posts from people calling for designers to enter a competition for one reason or another.. your one unfortunately might fall on deaf ears because of this.. and one other thing that I'm sure will be brought up.. most of us aren't students .. a few of us are old and bitter too LOL

:) good luck though :) I hope that you will become a productive member of the forum :)


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I think the fact that most of these are random one posters! Or very little contribution to the community, which is what were are about!


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Yeah sure I totally understand that.
I've only just stumbled across this forum so I will be sure to contribute now, just had a read about that eLance thing which sounds like an absolute farce! I've certainly got a few things I could say about that, although they may need some censoring!

At emerge we try to contribute as much to the design community and are constantly find advice and opportunities for young designers which are regularly posted on our twitter page ( emerge (emerge_LDN) on Twitter ) as well as hosting a number of ongoing graduate support events over the course of the year.

Anyway, I am not trying to justify our position within the design community, I just wanted to let you know that we are not spammers or a waste of time! I can see how competitions popping up all the time can be pretty annoying, but just to let you all know - we are legit!

And even the old and bitter (!) designers can get involved in the event by coming along and seeing a bit of fresh, exciting, creative work!

So, if you guys don't mind, I will continue to keep you posted on the goings-ons at emerge as well as being an active contributor to the forum.



that sounds fair emerge :) become part of the community and we'll help you ... :) as best we can anyway :) LOL