Embedding a flash music player .. a CSS niggle!



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Hi people,

I've just finished this page:

Music Shop

..Yeah, it uses tables for the list of mp3s, player and Add to Cart parts..

Because im building using Firefox and I havent yet checked on other browsers itd probably give the best idea to look at it in Firefox.

The reason for the tables is because i cannot get all three of those parts - the mp3 name, the flash player that corresponds to each, and the Add to Cart text (soon to be a button) on one line using CSS.

I have tried putting them within individual <li> tags adding display:inline; to the style of the <li>, also putting each into a fixed width <div> and adding float:left; to the style of the divs, and It seems the embedded players only want to display below the previous part (the mp3 name), and then force the Add to Cart bit below that.

I also need to make sure everything is aligned horizontally and vertically - lvisually replicating the 3 column table i have in place at the moment.

Can anyone lend a hand? :S All the files (inc flash player and css etc) are downloadable here:

www.ameliealden.com/musicshop.zip (in about ..3 minutes from now!)

(to find the page, please open the 'art' folder)

I really hope someone figures it out.. my brain might explode..

Thanks so much :)



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Tables should be fine for that, as you could argue it's the right use.
Code them properly though. You can find a great, if not the best on-line, example here. Post 23 page 3. :)


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Ohh nice post :) Ill read through that (althought I got to p23 and its still going.. okay, ill read *the most part of that!), thanks for the link :)