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Ellooo there!

Hello all!

Hi, I am Jo, I used to be a member of this forum a few years ago when I was a freelance but I am ashamed to say that once that ended, I didn't pop by very often, I know, slap wrists for me :)

Anyway, now that I am edging my way back into the field (in one way or another) I thought I would pop by and say hi, and I will make a good effort not to go AWOL again!


Stationery Direct

Staff member
Hey J

A few years ago this forum wasn't here, only been up and running 12 months :icon_biggrin:

Glad to have you here though :icon_smile:



I must have been a member of another (not quite as good) forum :icon_wink:

Well done all for creating a community that already feels very established!