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'Ello good people

Not my first post, which is bad form, but thought I should introduce myself.

I'm a career changer - I did the BTEC GD and then decided to follow the other dream of joining the Army. A couple of years in I was injured, and eventually discharged. Since then I have been working the ex-forces charity space (following a stint in marketing), in various roles - career advisory, website content manager, project manager, a little on the branding side, and the go-to guy for anything designey. I'd love to work in a creative environment, and so have decided (with the help of my spectacularly understanding girlfriend) that I will take the plunge of a catastrophic salary cut to get into design as a profession. You may have seen from my other post that the plan is to study with the IDI (unfortunately no replies to that one, but should anyone have any advice... IDI), as whilst I have some technical ability, my theory is lacking badly. I will be starting that in October, getting a more flexible job to allow as much study time as possible, and living off beans. It's not the ideal, but the only option I can see.

Anyway, I've been checking out the forums for some time, so thought it about time to say thanks and 'ello:



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I'm pretty sure I didn't introduce myself when I first joined, just got stuck in. 744 posts later .. Hi, my name is Ross. I'm a freelance designer from Blackpool!

Oh and welcome to the forum!