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eldon square


Senior Member
who's there?

i'll be there 9:45.

pissed im gonna miss the queue. hopefully typo will be there somewhere with glen and berry.

probably be able to tell berry a mile off.

he'll either be busking, drinking or shouting at babies :p

oh and typo will be standing there taking the piss out of him.

and glen will probably be standing in WHSmith looking for F1 porn.

so yeah.

jimlad are you there?


Senior Member
secrets are secrets because it feels good to have secrets. if you tell people it's boring.

so this is a secret.


what's a secret?

your face

that's what.

5am start. im gonna be out of it.


Well-Known Member
I'm mighty tempted mate but I'll be doing other things in other places tomorrow morning I'm afraid.

I'll get to see it later on in the day anyway, as I'll be in Eldon Sq that very evening!
Make your way to the the Apple Store, I'll be in the Q.
Bring me a coffee.

Black with one.

Just give me a bell...I'll be have my Windows 7 T-Shirt on.


Senior Member
when he came to cardiff he was there well before the place openned, until the early afternoon. so you might be able to catch him before and after if you are really lucky!!