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Eform help

Afternoon all,

I have created a simple form via indesign, with a submission button at the end. I am attempting to have the words ' SUBMIT ' above the button.

All is there until i export to interactive PDF when the text above the submission button disappears?

If anyone can point out where i am going wrong this will be truly appreciated.
Sure Hank,

Attached is a screen shot from form indesign then the exported PDF - minus the text ' SUBMIT '

The way in which i am doing this is dragging a sample button across from the bookmarks and button tab, positioning and placing text on top - is this right? Screen shot 1.JPG Screen shot 2.JPG

The words do appear for a second when opening the PDF, it almost as if the button is now on top of the text?


Staff member
You wouldn't perchance have made the white text set to overprint?

Check the Window>Attributes and make sure that overprint is not ticked for the text.


Staff member
Select the text with the text tool.

If you like - you can post a link to the InDesign file (include a IDML) and I will take a look.