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eCommerce - Options, Solutions, Recommendations


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There are many eCommerce solutions available to the designer, equally there are just as many individual requirements from our clients. Some will only need to sell a few replenishable goods, were as others will require full control of an ever changing stock.

Let's discuss the tools available and share which we have used in the past.

First let's start with having a few items. Here you can do with Paypal merchant tools and “Buy Now” buttons, or Google Checkout. If your using a CMS like Wordpress or Drupal then your bound to find a plugin that offers these “Buy now” buttons.

So you have a website you've made from scratch with HTML/CSS, now you want to inject some eCommerce? Shopping cart software is what you need! There's Roman Cart (RomanCart - Free Shopping Cart and Internet Marketing Software) , Shopify (Ecommerce Software, Online Store Builder, Website Store Hosting Solution- Free 30 Day Trial by Shopify.), Stiva Cart (Stiva Shopping Cart Script | Shopping Cart Software | PHPJabbers), Foxycart (FoxyCart) and for something different, there's SimpleCart (Javascript Shopping Cart - simpleCart(js))

So you want a complete eCommerce solution, straight out of the box? Why not look at LemonStand (LemonStand - PHP shopping cart software & eCommerce platform), Magento (Magento - Home - eCommerce Software for Growth) or CubeCart (eCommerce Software | CubeCart), or perhaps something for Free? Like Opencart (OpenCart - Open Source Shopping Cart Solution) or Prestashop (PrestaShop - Start an online store today with PrestaShop's Free Open-source Ecommerce Software)

What eCommerce systems have you used? What was a pleasure and what was horrible.
What do you recommend?