Easiest way to make an A4 PDF A5 please


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It depends on what you want to do with it really.. this is where more information than just the title really does come in handy...

If it's just to print one copy, I'd just set it to print 2 onto 1 page (multiple 'tab') onto a landscape.


Sorry, it's for printing a booklet. I've designed it in InDesign, made an A4 PDF, but they also want to print it in A5. I assume there'll be a few hundred copies.



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The printers can generally scale down the book for printing from a4 to a5 - the percentage is 71% in size, if you wanted to output it yourself.

If you're using InDesign CC 2019 - there's the Adjust Layout options https://helpx.adobe.com/ie/indesign/using/adjust-layout.html
You can then set the document to A5 size using this feature.

And you can resize the PDF to A5 size using Acrboat Professional - https://www.techwalla.com/articles/how-to-resize-a-pdf-file

The percentage is always 71% https://www.papersizes.org/magnification-scale.htm


If you are ever likely to need to edit both in the future, the you can create an A5 document, put a pic box (inc bleed) on the master page, then import the a4 document into these pages, reduce them to the correct size. Job’s a good ’un. The only thing is to make sure bleed on the a4 is at least 4.25mm. That way, when you reduce from a4 to a5, you still have 3mm bleed. I usually make it 4.5 for ease, or 6mm on a3. ( I have a client that regularly needs posters in 3 sizes.)

The advantage to doing it this way, is an edit on one size, updates the other, without doing corrections twice over.

One other final thing to make sure is that any small text you have on the a4 can stand the reduction and still be legible. Any 6.5pt footnote text at a4 would be seriously pushing it at a5 (just under 4.6pt).