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Easiest CMS Ever?


Senior Member
Right, I need the easiest CMS solution ever! :D

Basically, I have a client who is having a web site designed and all they will need to do is add a news post/text post once in a while, thats it. No adding pages or images etc, just text basically.

I need the simplest and easiest to use CMS solution, the site will be in html/css etc. I was looking at using Cushy CMS but then that requires having to sign the client up for another website to use etc, i'm trying to keep it as simple as possible!

Wordpress is not an option, as this is something I need to solve within the next 48hours!

Cheers for any help!


Senior Member
Hmmm, may of leapt before I looked :p

I just visited Cushy CMS's site to see how easy it is again and they've got new features since I last looked, so I may of answered my own question!


Senior Member
Andy (TBWCF) helped me out with a simple website a while back, so the customer could do a similar thing, just text updates etc. I believe he used Cushy. Had no complaints so far.