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Earth Hour



So has everyone got their power off? :) Ahh the joys of a laptop and a iphone to connect to the web :D:clap:


Senior Member
i didn't do either. i got a text at what i thought was 1.01am - and was so annoyed that it was an hour later, i stayed up all night in protest.

earth hour... i didn't even know it existed until 10pm Channel4 news
Turned if off! Nice concept, even though it doesnt really HELP with the one hour, it raises awareness, and it's probably the ONE thing that has people ALL over the world co-operate on one thing, together, no matter who you are.


yes I was unimpressed by the fact that Canary Wharf didn't turn out their lights.. :( but we did for 3 hours last night :) also turned off everything apart from the fridge / freezer and the radio :) our laptops batteries almost died too :)

earth hour wasn't really advertised well enough by any standards really, I wrote an email to the organisers offering my design help too :) to get more stuff done on the back end sort of thing :)

they did manage to turn off all the lights around the Giza Pyramids etc which was amazing :)