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Discussion in 'Chill Out Forum:' started by tim, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. tim

    tim Senior Member

  2. Kevin

    Kevin Senior Member

    So basically it's an improved version of the Sony's Playstation EyeToy ? :p
    I think this entire project is gonna go down real hard.
  3. tim

    tim Senior Member

    I don't. It's already been a bit hit, talked about worldwide.

    It's nothing like the eye toy, it's the Wii minus the controller.
  4. the problem i have with that project natal is that its going to be amusing for about 10 minutes, then once a game that involves anything you have to hold (a gun, a sword or use a door handle) then your own depth perception is going to be all screwed as you've got nothing to hold on to... interesting but i feel that its going to be like the Wiimote.. nice idea but will eventually annoy the hell out of people.
  5. tim

    tim Senior Member

    this isn't a new console, it's just an add-on. and i'm sure it'll be compatible with handsets if necessary anyway tbh.
  6. well then that might make it a bit better... but even if its an add on I still stand by my original opinion :)
  7. Xenonsoft

    Xenonsoft Active Member

    Watched the sony presenation live online whilst doing other bits, was alreet:)
    Saw that aswell, looks interesting.

    For some games I'd still much rather a controller though, here's hoping they never get rid of 'em.
  8. tim

    tim Senior Member

    I agree, but I'm not doubting it will be immense.

    haha, reading my posts back i've given loadsa diff opinions on it.

    i keep finding out new rumours as i go along, but here's what microsoft have said.

    - 360 add-on
    - no controller required
    - skype-type of application inbuilt
    - face and voice recognition
    - multimedia system.

    it's a pretty hefty add-on, and will probably be about the price of the wii and more by the sounds of it, but i'd still like to try it.
  9. mrp2049

    mrp2049 Senior Member

    i've been randomly picking away at the videos from this, the most impressive thing so far has been the beatles rock band trailer! go to inspiration corner if you havent seen it!

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