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E.P Cover Design

Ahh hello there, it has been quite a while.

This is an E.P cover I am working on, for a very talented friend.
Thought I would share it with you guys, get some opinions of what you think.

From just this cover what would you guess the type/style of music was?
I'd be interested in the response.

Take care guys, Harri x



Senior Member
Can I ask a serious question?

Why would you spend lots of time on a quality illustration and then use a font for the text?


Well-Known Member
Look closer, each letter is different. If it's a font, it's a font with 3 different versions of the letter "n" in it.


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It's alright, seems a bit washed out to be honest. Not gonna attract much attention. And i see no resemblance between image and text, other than that they are both drawn. Looks like a cover for a Folk act. YAWN.
Hey there,
interestingly no one has guess the correct music genre.

the font was the artists picking he wanted a scripty/handwritten type.
i think it's the font thats edging people over to think it's more acoustic/folk.
a little misleading but personally i think that's what i like about it.


Senior Member
The illustration has a trippy feel to it, i'm going something like House/Dance or Electronica.

If that's one of the genres then i think the font needs to change