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Morning All,

I'll explain the project a little, were currently filming a series of 30min programs in Primary schools around the country, following student teachers learning about teaching English to students who don't have it as there native tongue.
The final piece will contain the 10 DVDs from the different schools + 1 or 2 extra DVDs/CDs containing reference material etc.

My question is, do any of you know any good printers etc that may have some cool packaging ideas for 10 + DVDs in the same box? I wish I could say what the final run of the final package would be, but it all depends on the next amount of cash available from the funding councils.

Any help you could give, links etc would be more than welcomed.

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This popped up on my first search - definately an interesting one:


Obviously have the covers printed with your design.

Or something I thought of would be to use those fabric CD folders and ahve something embroidered on the front? Could like really smart.


Or look at Delga or Sonopress (sonopress do all the product packaging for Sony BMG, or at least, they used to).

Alternatively, look at getting the project onto less DVDs. Build the different movies into a menu with chapter and scene selection etc. instead of separating everything onto different disks. You could offer your client vastly reduced costs this way (or keep that to yourself and increase your mark-up).


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Matt, i've suggested that but the client, and my producer/director both want each seperate film to be on a seperate disc. Its going to used very much as a teaching aid for training teachers and so may be spread over different weeks of teaching etc.


Meh. I guess it's their money, they can waste it as they see fit.

You should also speak with whoever's doing the duplications, as they often offer packaging services too.