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Duty Free?


Staff member
I'm trying to work out how much booze I'm allowed to buy from duty free while we're on holiday and I'm totally confused!

The information I've found online says that as I'm traveling outside the EU I'm limited to buying 1ltr of spirits & 200 cigarettes (not that I smoke) to return home with.

However, someone I know who travels to Turkey regularly has said I can (for example) buy 1ltr of Vodka at Manchester airport and 1ltr of Rum at the airport in Turkey before the return flight and provided the Vodka is still in the sealed bag with the receipt from Manc airport to prove it was bought in the UK I'm fine to bring both back home.

To confuse things further, Thomas Cook have sent me a leaflet with my tickets advertising their own duty free shops including multi-buy discounts (ie; 2ltrs of Gordon's Gin for £20) for passengers traveling outside of the EU....

Can anyone help clear this up for me as I don't want to fall foul of the rules & end up having things confiscated/having to pay extra duty.

Tony Hardy

Well-Known Member
Ah sounds good. Always fancied Turkey. Was looking to take the little one there but decided it's probably not the best for his first holiday.
Was at turkey a few years back Altinkum back then we were only allowed 1ltr spirits 50g of tobacco and 200 cigarettes I didn't think it mattered were you bought it i think that's all you are allowed on reentering the UK i could be wrong though.