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Okay. I'm making a short animation and part of it is a van from the side driving across a desert.
I want to make a dust cloud emanating from the wheels, kind of made from circles growing to form a cloud.
Thing is, I want the separate circles to form a single mass so that I can treat them with a transparency gradient and still keep the individual movement (almost like a moving silhouette).
I've figured I need to make a pre-comp and mask out the bottom where it meets the ground.

Any ideas how I could do this?


Staff member
Maybe look into using particles....I would guess after effects can do the same. That's how I'd do it with my 3D programs anyway.


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Ahh. I get you Levi.
Yep it does.

I could set the emitter near the wheels and adjust the direction and life of the particles.

Never used the particle emitter before so should be fun. :)


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Managed to sort it but opted to make a blob and run a couple of wave form effects on it.
Looked pretty effective and organic. :D