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During your break...


Senior Member
what do you do?

I tend to have about an hour on Mario Kart Wii online, which really calms me down :D

anything obscure? stupid? ultimately cool? geeky?

i should probably use my time productively, but i'm stuck for ideas.


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I tend to watch programmes on iPlayer of Channel 4 OD, favourites include entrepreneurial programmes like Dragons Den, Apprentice, Last Millionaire, and various business ones, as and when they're available. Also like to watch the odd re-run of the old Gordon Ramsay Kitchen Nightmares, for some reason watching him shouting at a restuarant that is near to closing inspires me to get stuck into some work if things have been going slow in the morning, or if I'm not making as much progress as I'd have liked to :)


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Don't have any place really where can chill out much at work, so it's usually a stroll to stretch my legs and get coffee. At home I'll take a break and play games... currently that's shooting zombies in Left 4 Dead.


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rossnorthernunion said:
Can i come and work for you?

I'd love to take my 355 into work.

Aahhhhhhhh - sack this - i'm off to strum.

I've got a Gibson 335 in the boardroom, never gets played! use the acoustics.


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I tend to get stuck at my desk too.
I don't really take breaks either. I sort of get obsessed by what I'm doing until it's done. Then I leave it and go back to it the next day.

I do love a bit of Mario Kart though I must admit.

I've neglected my guitar lately too! I started learning last year. I seem to learn in bursts.

I must try to develop a break mentality!

Oh, I drink a lot of coffee as well, but that usually supplied by my girlfriend, who is like my coffee pusher.
What's a break?

No, I'm the same as Krey20. I find it really hard to leave a project before it's done when I'm working at home. On my lunch break in work I usually go to the Pikey Temple also known as the Whitgift centre in Croydon and grab some sandwiches from M&S. :)

@Krey20: Can we swap Girlfriends! I'd love my own personal coffee pusher as I'm currently trying to increase my dose in the hope of seeing some Ghosts :). My Girlfriend hasn't made me a cup of coffee for the 6 years we've been together! And I make her tea everyday :(.


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@Aarlev, all you need to do is get a coffee machine, I got one or Christmas and my girlfriend loves using it (she didn't even like coffee before), pretty much every weekend we've had it I've been woken up with a fresh cup! & there's been some pretty damn strong doses whilst she's been getting used to it! (no ghosts yet thought....)


Is it me .. or does everyone here play MarioKart too .. i do that when i get home :) seems to be very popular LOL

My girlfriend bought us a brilliant coffee machine for our flat ... makes really nice coffee.. but at work.. its just instant Nescafe :p


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We have a' kitchen' in the boardroom next to my office with a fancy dan coffee maker that hisses and makes rude noises, But I much prefer to go in and make my Nescafe ( I can only drink Nescafe!) leave the Jamaican Blue Mountain beans to the clients.


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@Chris : you have mario kart too!?! What's your friend code?!

@Krey20 : If i ask ANYONE for a cuppa anything, they'll say no!

@Electricalyce : Fair play, but is a five minute break all you have!?