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Dumb quotes by DF members.


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I'll start and $5 says Tim will be the first one to get back at me :p

20:07:54 Tim Pennington: lol danke // Dutch FAIL
20:08:01 Kevin.: That's german
20:08:09 Tim Pennington: oh right
20:08:10 Tim Pennington: merci // Double Dutch FAIL
20:08:14 Kevin.: merci = french
20:08:21 Tim Pennington: english = yeh, ta mate.
20:08:30 Kevin.: lol I don't speak english
20:08:47 Tim Pennington: what have i been understanding for the past 2/3 months then!?
20:08:56 Kevin.: urdu ^^
20:09:02 Tim Pennington: lol xD
20:09:14 Tim Pennington: durka durka durk // English translation: I'm a dooooork dork dork


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I'll give you the $5 :p

You never watched Team America!? Durka durka durk?

no wonder i'm about to fail my gcses. this is how half our evenings were. :p

20:54:39 Kevin.: Not really though... I was just humping his leg
20:54:47 Kevin.: I mean... pulling *cough*


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Another typical conversation at midnight (GMT) :p

01:33:49 Tim Pennington: got it
01:34:32 Tim Pennington: wow that is bloody awesome!
01:34:47 Kevin.: Did you think I was lying
01:34:55 Tim Pennington: yep ...?!
01:34:56 Tim Pennington: no?!
01:35:03 Tim Pennington: i hvae no idea what im saying
01:35:20 Tim Pennington: i am imagining french undies (frenchieeess) // Seriously?
01:35:51 Kevin.: what? o_O
01:36:10 Tim Pennington: omg no way
01:37:13 Tim Pennington: you dont know what they areee
01:37:15 Tim Pennington: you're dying
01:37:28 Kevin.: Do I wanna know?
01:37:48 Tim Pennington: mebbe xD
01:37:49 Tim Pennington: french knickers - Google Image Search
01:38:15 Kevin.: Told you you were a porn addict
01:38:33 Kevin.: Please don't cum while you're talking to me
01:38:40 Tim Pennington: it's not porn, it's just what ma girlfriend has :p
01:38:53 Tim Pennington: don't worry, i really really really wont
01:39:26 Tim Pennington: yep, it's true, you think much much lower of me now
01:40:09 Kevin.: Well at least now I know you're not gay // Doubt has returned now though...
01:40:15 Tim Pennington: thanks
01:40:19 Kevin.: yw
01:40:26 Tim Pennington: yw?
01:40:29 Tim Pennington: you fail at enlgihs! // I fail at... WHAT?
01:40:35 Kevin.: Your welcome -.-


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i'm hoping this was one of the times i was drunk... :p (as in the one above)

15:58:09 tim.. restecp: you subscribed to anyone on youtube btw?
15:58:32 Kevin.: No... why?
I don't do subscriptions on yt
15:58:36 tim.. restecp: oh you're gay
15:58:42 tim.. restecp: nigahiga and fluffeetalks are bloody awesome
15:58:55 Kevin.: I don't use my yt
15:59:00 tim.. restecp: oh righto
15:59:05 Kevin.: I have like 6 videos... I only have the account to see the porn


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This is a scary little window into both of your lives!:D

Does give me flashbacks of drunken IM conversations in the past though.:up:


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tim-ater said:
Me? I like the ladies! (and the frenchies)
*cough* yeah right *cough*

So anyway... anybody else got stupid things said by people around here? Tim can't be the only retard on this forum... and I can't be the only one who respects his deficiencies and tries to cheer him up once in a while.


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Well I guess it's good to see that DF has created this "special" connection between the UK and Belgium...:blink: