DTG printing


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Hi guys, does anyone know of anywhere who does DTG printing that has a good printer?

I know screen printing is the 'proper' way to go, but for a small run, it's not great.

I'd like to be able to have white print on black garment, so we're talking about a good printer that can cope with light on dark.

I look forward to hearing from you guys.



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Anyone? Surely someone has some knowledge of good DTG printers, i know it's like trading with the devil compared to screen printing, but come on, please! :D


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Hey, sorry you've been hanging for a while... I'm in the business of screen printing & from what I've herd about direct to garment printing it's really something to avoid... unless your willing to pay for high quality inks the printer isn't going to give you as good a yield as what screen printing does.

I can ask around the office next week to see if anyone has any recommendations, but until then... there's always Google... ;)


Hi guys,
we might be a little late for your order but we might be able to help others with this kind of problem! We are a printing agency with loads of experience in all types of printing techniques.
I spoke with our printing advisors and they don't seem to see a problem with light on dark printing. We also wrote an article about when is best to use DTG and how it works.
If anybody has any other t-shirt printing problems we would be happy to help.

Sean Lee-Amies

True, but good for anyone with similarquestions that have come through Google search.