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Dream Clients (and how to secure them)

Discussion in 'General Business Forum:' started by Tony Hardy, Jan 31, 2013.

  1. Tony Hardy

    Tony Hardy Guest

    We all have dreams of designing, building or working with specific companies. Who are yours and have you came close to working with them or with anyone/thing related to them?
    My dream client is fairly stupid but having a nearly two year old got me thinking. Matey Bubble Bath. It would be awesome to work with them. Not from an illustrative stand point (as we all know I can't draw) but I'd love to create them some awesome promotional work or a great innovative website. AND, they don't have one.
    They also don't seem to have a point of contact, but I'm going to try and dig one out and send them a pitch.
    Has anyone tried to approach their dream client? What happened? Why do you want to work with them?
  2. I don't really have a dream client however we have worked for some big (ish) names...Siemens, NHS, BBC, Xfactor to name a few.

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