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Hi Guys,

I just wondered how everyone, anyone dealt with thi? I'm feeling pretty drained and exhausted at the moment. All i feel like doing is sleeping. I've had 4 days off since last August and that's when I went to the Silverstone GP...for the whole weekend I was up and at the track for around 6am, my fault I know but I just could'nt help it.

I don't have a great deal of cash to relax with as I am paying off student debts but I just feel like..well i dunno completely knackered when I go home in the evening. At home I can never seemed to relax, there is always either an iphone laptop or pc next to me...so I carry on getting on with work/freelance and personal portfolio work...what do I do...I dont think I can hold out till christmas doing this...I have a problem I think :<


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I get similar, not quite as bad though I don't think.

Buying my iPad has honestly helped a lot.
I spend a lot of time on a computer, be it at work or at home. The problem with going on the computer at home is that it's still the same posture and environment as at work—at a desk, sat upright in an office chair.

With the iPad I can sit on the sofa with the TV on, the iPad on the floor next to me for if/when I need it. If I get tired, I go to bed and lie down with it.

A lot of the problems with going on the computer at home is that it doesn't shut your mind off from 'work mode'.

In short, buy an iPad ;)


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Hi Glen,

I get like that too. The fact is you need to find a way to switch off. It's difficult at first, but it's important to rest up, otherwise you'll begin making mistakes etc, resulting in more work which will just make the problem worse.

I'm not the sort of person that can sit and stare into space so I have to find relaxing activites. Mine is reading.
I also have the bonus of having a fiancee that can sense when I'm getting into a bad work pattern and flags it up for me.

Not easy to do, but you have to have some down time, otherwise you'll burn out. better to take a break by choice instead of being forced into it.
Harry, like the solution mate even tho it did end up recommending the ipad it's a good point being sat at a desk all day long. Going to wait till the new one is out later in the year or when ever it is. You still got the iphone as well?

Cheers for the points too Ken! I need to find myself a new gf right? haha! They definatly take your mind of things...always in a flaming want haha! I read often...however again it's always either a .net magazine or computer arts...again revolving round my job...

I think come September when F1 2010 for the Xbox 360 is released i'll relax a bit on an evening


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Maybe I'm just a bit different but I enjoy design so that's never going to get me down. My main issue is I seem to get all my best ideas or am my most productive between 10pm and 2am which really screws up sleep patterns lol.

Having said that I'm pretty strong mentally (became that way to deal with my dyslexia I suppose) and so I can normally just 'flick' a switch and get out of any 'down' days.

As to what I do to relax, nothing in particular but I do 2 set things when I working, one is I get out of the house 30mins+ and the other is I watch at least 30mins of anime (or series). I also make a point of watching things like project runway (around lunchtime at the mo) or similar if it's on, just got to love Tim Gunn.

I know Jaz is basically a fitness freak and that his approach to dealing with relaxing is a 20mil bike ride or similar lol.


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glenwheeler said:
Harry, like the solution mate even tho it did end up recommending the ipad it's a good point being sat at a desk all day long. Going to wait till the new one is out later in the year or when ever it is. You still got the iphone as well?…
Yeah I got my iPhone still, but don't browse at all on that.

It's all about the work/relaxation separation really bud.


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I always thought I was fine with just constant exposure to the web and all things web. And while I love it and am really enthusiastic about it all. I feel more and more need to get an extra hobby.

I bought a bass guitar as I always wanted to learn (then found out I didn't have the money to pay for lessons, and haven't put enough effort in my self to learn <-- stupid I know) but I think it was a good idea for separation from the web.

Though again I'm after another hobby, I want to repair things, but have no idea what :) (using logic, my engineering and mechanics love, getting in "the zone" etc. just seems a great thing to do, maybe clocks, I'm not sure)
I've started doing a couple of fitness classes with a friend 2 nights a week.

While it's not a hobby I can just pick up when I want to get away from design, or 'work'. It gets me out of the house, away from technology and I always feel better afterwards. it's definitely helping, I feel more ready to tackle design-related stuff when I get back home from work now.


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i know its tough, and really old fashioned, but i dont do any work on a Sunday, i try not to turn my computer on, (i browse some sport sites/visit FB/twitter/DF on my iphone while chilling out but only for fun) and I generally relax, watch tv, go for a walk in the park, have a coffee out somewhere, watch a film, play on the PS3, read a magazine or a book etc

its inevitable that if you work 24/7 you will get burnt out, if not physically then mentally!

try giving yourself 1 day off a week from everything, it might sound impossible but if you are strict with yourself and get into the routine you will tidy all the loose ends up by Sat night to you can just enjoy a day of doing things you love away from a computer screen!
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I went to Pilates today it was amazing, so relaxing but at the same time making you stronger twas great! So yeah take up some sort of fitness as Becky also suggested.

How about jogging? Listen to your iPod and have a little blast outside even if only 20 mins that will soon get you into a nice pattern.

Definitely reading is good too. I'm raeding this book at the mo, every night around 8ish i'm like... time for bed - just so I can read the book!


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Should've kept it in your pant's, Typo. Like the nice police officer said that time.

Occasionally I get wrapped up in projects too. I have all these grand plans to relax etc and then it's 11pm and all I've done is work on a project or read up on tutorials!
I find it helps to have a cut-off time (deadlines permitting, of course) where it's tools down, and power up the Playstation. Also, if you have an iPhone/Touch/Pad, download Solitaire. It helps.