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Draft Logo Design Concept


Junior Member
Hi Guys

So I have been tryin to come up with ideas for logo concepts for myself, and I have gone with the idea of a font, with an online character... As I want my brand to be fun.

Now the character is a quick 15 min thing, no effort gone into the body area etc, and the face would need sorting...

Imageshack - logo1ltz.jpg

Just wondering what you people think of the idea, rather then the artwork at this stage


Well-Known Member
This might sound odd coming from an illustrator but I reckon it would look stronger without the little character. It's still fun and colourful, but I think the little dude is more distracting than useful. If you were to market yourself purely as an illustrator then I could see the relevance, but otherwise I'd be tempted to try the logo without him, just to see what it looks like.


Senior Member
I agree, while you can use the character throughout your branding, I feel as a standalone logo, it looks really strong with just the text. Fun and interesting :)


Well-Known Member
If only I could see so clearly when looking at my own work... wouldn't that be grand. But yeah anyway, I say try it out. With the shape of it on it's own it could work almost anywhere on the page too. Bang-on centre of a business card and it'd look smart as paint!


Junior Member
thanks guys

"If only I could see so clearly when looking at my own work" haha i agree with that

Tough doing your own logo. I was happy with the font and colouring, but then I think, no I have got to keep going to do something better.

Shall I keep the character then and keep it separate from the logo, i liked the idea of them being the way they are, for cards and stuff, but perhaps im over doin it (which always happens when doing your won stuff lol).

I think Ill improove the character, and tidy the font a little, and then shwo them again!

Tom Sound

Active Member
I like the bottom right logo. Can see the character working really well as an aside, you could always have him on the back of your card waving saying "Hi I'm Ryan!"
'Freelance Design" seems a tad generic. Can you design bridges and handheld GPS systems?.
I guess your into graphics and illustration. Why not mention it?
I too think the character should be dropped from your logo
Stick with the wording, add a graphic if you must. Keep at it though. Looking good.
i like the idea of the character alone on the card , should work well...

Typo, Im going to be doin Web and graphics Mostly, i actually have never illustrated before, just thought id give it a go with my own stuff...

Ill have a play later hopefully, ill get it right soon enough


Well-Known Member
If you're not illustrating, even having an illustration in your logo sends out a completely different message in my opinion. I was thinking exactly the same as Typo going by what we've seen so far.
Draft Batch without character, though he is on there...but not as a logo...

Imageshack - batch1.jpg

My thinking behind the character was simply to create an online character for myself...trying to make the brand more personal...

Thanks for the feedback so far though :-D