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Down Time?


Staff member
One for the Freelancers really.

Just wondering what other people do during those 'down time' periods that we get (apart from worrying how to put the next meal on the table).

I know that we all have non design related stuff to do like felling trees, trapping bears and building log cabins.
I personally try to have a few personal projects going to either learn from or use for exposure/promotion.
You know, to keep sharp and stay in the zone.

Right now I'm trying to learn animation in After Effects which is proving to be a bit of a learning curve but I'm getting there. Made a few gif's a time-lapse and a short video intro.
Started a project to animate a few characters which has turned into a full blown, animated music video.
Not sure where that will go but at least it's keeping me off the streets.

How about you fellas?
What do you do?

Paul Murray

Staff member
I'm currently learning Javascript whilst watching Netflix. Or I'll crack out the PS2 and play some classic games, or fire up the PS3 and play some not-quite-classic games.

Strangely none of these options involves leaving the house or getting fresh air.


Staff member
4 months into self employment the concept of "down time" is little more than a distant memory. It's just work work work.

Occasionally I have "meetings" with the guy I share an office with. This involves going to a pub (or 3) and talking about either making money or finding work.


Well-Known Member
I'm with you Scotty.

I have my finger in a few different pies and I have a small pile of personal projects I'd like to have a go at. My problem is I
spend a day planning what I'm going to do, watching a few YouTube vids and getting generally distracted, and then the
phone starts ringing again!

When I get time, I try and get a bit more proficient in Ai. I'm also trying to do more digital painting rather than falling back on the old
paints and brushes for book illustrations and the like.

Now, back to that log cabin...


Staff member
I find when I let myself get distracted by non-design stuff, I find it hard to get back on track when I need to.

I also feel guilty that I've wasted half a day (or so) playing on the kids Xbox when I could have been learning or making something.
Anyhow, back to sharpening my axes.