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Dotting i's and crossing the t's of my wedding day


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Hi all,

I haven't posted a lot recently, here or on my blog. Some of this has to do with being busy at work and on the freelance front, but mostly it's down to the fact that I'm getting married at the end of April.

In fact it's the same day as the 'royal' wedding.

It's all been pretty hectic so far. I've been getting funny looks from most of the suppliers and organisers etc we're using because I'm the one that's done most of the planning, not my finacee.
I guess that's the designer part of me taking over the show (plus Claire couldn't organise a p*ss up in a brewery!)

I've done quite a few nice touches for the day myself and each one means a bit to both of us including: The invitations, the place settings, table namecards, table plan and a very nice commemorative tea towel!

I know a few people here have tied the knot since Ive been active on this forum and I guess I'm asking for any advice that might smooth things along for the next four weeks and on the day itself.

Everything is as arranged as it can be, and now is the only time I've started to worry because it's all down to the people we've hired doing what their supposed to do, and I have no control of that.

I hope it all goes well and the day is great for Claire more than myself as I'm more excited about the marriage part of it all rather than the wedding day itself.

On the other hand I've got a stag do of Friday which I'm looking forward to with a hint of nervousness because my brother has a few 'surprises' for me!

Any advice anyone can offer, or suggestions of little last minute things I can do to make it better would be greatly appreciated.


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Make sure your best man knows whats going on, on the day. Between him and the maid of honour, it is there job to let you enjoy the day!


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Sure it will all go smoothly Ken, from the few weddings I've been to (as a guest) my advice would be to try and take it all in, imagine the day could fly by if you start running around trying to organise things, as MrP says make sure your best man & maid of honour have got things down to a t, so you can focus on having a great day!

Good luck with the Stag do, as for advice/suggestions on that side of things, what's your brothers email? :p


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Good luck. Have fun. Relax. Let a new chapter of your life begin. And let the best man know exactly what he has to do on the day if he doesn't already!


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Thanks for the advice guys!

It's going to be a pretty relaxed day anyway, oddly enough a lot of time and stress has been expended on trying to make it a relaxed day! Ironic huh?

I'll have to sit down with my brother (the best man) and make sure he knows what's going on. Unfortunately, out of the two of us I'm the organised one, yet he can arrange a Stag do and pretty short notice - but that might well be his forte.

@ Typo I'm not a big drinker as it is, so that's not too much of a worry.

As for clean underwear it might be a bit like that old joke: My mum always told me to wear clean underwear in case I get hit by a bus and the doctors and nurses will see them.
I'm pretty sure if I get hit by a bus they won't be clean anymore!

@Greg, luckily my brother doesn't check his email all that often, so I'd be safe in giving it to you. I'm also pretty sure that he can be Machiavellian enough without outside help!
I would say the build up is more nerve racking than the day. A nice touch is to get your future wife a little present and a bottle of champagne to open while she is getting ready.


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Just a little update!
The wedding day went very well. We couldn't have wished for better.
The weather held for us and turned rater warm which was a blessing for everyone apart from me as I proceeded to lose part of my considerable body weight through sweat! People thought I was sweating through nerves, but to tell the truth I felt really relaxed about the whole thing all day.

Claire was stunning beautiful in her dress, well worth all the build up an preparation she put into it. Her greatest achievement was putting up with it all day! It was quite awkward to sit and walk in it by all accounts.

The Royal wedding was a nice side show to our day :) Everyone at our venue (guests and general public) were in a party mood and it added something we couldn't have, and didn't plan.
As per your advice I didn't drink too much, or if I did it didn't seem to have it's usual potency. No matter how many drinks people handed to me I steadfastly refused to get drunk! Typical, the one day I don't have to pay for a drink!

My best man performed admirably, his speech went down very well and he guided me through the day well.
It's been a few weeks since and we're slowly getting back to reality, I'm very glad to note that nothing really changes.

I've been going on about the wedding for what seems like ages now, and i did a few design related bits and pieces for it. If anyone's interested check out my blog to see:

Our 'not so royal' wedding tea towel
kenreynoldsdesign.co.uk – Our ‘not so Royal’ Wedding Tea Towel

And one of my usual comics to celebrate the day:
kenreynoldsdesign.co.uk – My Life as a Cartoon #47


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I like the tea towel, good idea. :)

I'm tying the knot in September - I'm in the process of literally organising a piss-up in a brewery!

Hoping to do illustrated letterpress invitations, then decorate the reception room to match. I know what you mean about being a designer and wanting to stamp your mark on it.