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Dont know the first thing about Graphic Design

As the title states, I haven't a clue!

My name is Chris and I'm studying Business Studies at Uni. I'm currently on my placement year with a business and well, I'm the only person in their new marketing department :icon_biggrin:.

I do love photography and I'm into photo manipulation and such, but alas my artistic skills are severely lacking, if you asked me to draw a stickman, I would heed a reference I think! :icon_confused:

I have found myself being tasked with more marketing projects that do require a little knowledge into graphic design and printing business, and I have a genuine interest in learning more, which will obviously carry me forward in my own career plans be it not an actual graphic designer.

Hope to learn a lot, and hopefully not annoy you all with too many questions! yous seem to have an active and friendly community, so decided where better to start!
Welcome to the forum, my main area of study was Business Management also so i can understand where you're coming from. You say your skills are limited but what skills DO you have? You mention photo maipulation, would that involve software such as Photoshop by any chance? If so you're off to a good start.

For everythin else there are lots of boards and threads for advice, suggestions and critique here so I'm sure you'll find it to be a good resource.
Unfortunately my budget is limited too! So I only use freeware really, I have a good grounding in GIMP2 and I can do basically anything that photoshop can via one way or another. A little googling or the photoshop plug-in certainly helps, albeit I would like to try photoshop for the simple fact a lot of freebie's are given out on frorums/blogs via PSD files as well as tutorials, it would save the hastle trying to rethink in gimp speak :icon_smile:

I also can use Inkscape, but I'm still learning with it really, plus it's only as good as you make! and my only real purpose for it I think will be small designs such as logos/buttons etc. However it's one area I would really like to improve on if you have any tips or advice!

For work we are developing a catalog/brochure and so I'm trying to get up to speed with Scribus, but out of the 3, it seems Scribus has a lot more catching up with the likes of Adobes InDesign compared to where GIMP and Inkscape are along side their paid comrades