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dont hold back

Go on then, ive been holding back here.

I do mainly print and web design for bread and butter earnings but illustrations has always been my first love and would be my only way of earning if I could choose.

Cut loose all you full time illustrators, give us something to go on critique wise... If youre doing this full time your opinion is worthy, gets respect and wanted. My main problem is i cant decide on vector or photoshop as the skills to work or focus on and build a portfolio to approach the big illustration agencies with.

Comments welcome people, i can take it lol <hmm, am i sure>

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Hi Jim,

It all looks ok to me. Nothing overly creative there, but wouldn't look out of place on a stock illustration site. I think you're a little way off the illustration agency sites yet though.

I really like the room set style. Your figure work is good too. I personally think the weakest one there is the watercolour style, but I know how hard it is to get those houses right, I've never been happy with one I've done, and I've done a fair few!

I still use Photoshop as much as Illustrator - depends on what job it is - but I know I should be using Ai more.
Thanks Gents, appreciate it.

Wardy - I think youve nailed it for me there. My problem is ive been surfing stock sites for so long for clients that ive almost lost any sense of personal style that I once had and have been brainwashed into that style. Time to go away and just do some stuff for myself I think and rediscover my style. I used to have one but lost it along the way of satisfying clients briefs and not me :)

Thanks Typo, gotta keep trying to improve eh. If one day I can use 'Illustrator' as my job description and not 'Graphic Designer' i'll be happy. My happen, maybe not but gotta try eh.