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Doing as I'm told

The message from Greg said come and introduce so here i am! I'm from London, east finchley area, and studying graphic design for 1 year now. I'm very passinate about design of all kinds and also have an interest in product and vehicle design. I use a pc and an old version of photoshop for my work. Also int photography and saved for a long time to get a Canon EOS 500D which is my pride and joy. Looking for help to set up a website portfolio as i have not got one yet- so if anyone can help with suggestions that would be great.
I look forward to meeting people on here I am told it is a good place to meet nice and friendly people.
Ohhhhhh..... Vechicle design???? F1 fan?? Formula One cars are amazing and some of the designs are out of this world, Adrian newsy is amazing if you have never heard of him google some of his work! Welcome to DF mate look forward to speaking to you.


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Hello ToruOkada, have you got a Japanese (or similar) family background? Your forum name has that sort of ring to it :)

Anyone up for getting Glen to do a sponsored f1 silence for sport relief :p


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Welcome aboard! Good to see you followed my step-by-step guide to joining DF :p
Look forward to seeing some of your work.



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Welcome to the forum, ToruOkada. Hope you enjoy it here.
I was thinking the the same thing as Levi actually. :) Have fun!
Thanks for all the warm welcomes! In answer to the japanese background Q.. yes japanese mother, British father but brought up in this country. Also a fan of the author haruki murakami - ToruOkada is one of my favourite characters in one of his books.