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Does anyone recognize this track?


Staff member
sounds familiar but can't think what it is. IF I could make out the words a bit clearer that might help lol


Senior Member
Electronic (or something similar like electrode ?)
Boom (very faintly and in a high pitch)
Are you ready

That seems to be what they're saying... Google yields no relevant results :(


Senior Member
Okay, I'm detaching the music from a presentational video — which I'm a bit wary of of posting.

There's five music sequences in it. The first, second and fourth are presumably the same track. The third is from Daft Punk, so maybe the other one is too? And the fifth and final sequence is a different track (also by Daft Punk, I believe) which I'm not that interested in but it would be worth mentioning the title if you happen to know.

Also, the first track sounds a bit like Redial. He's definitely worth checking out if you dig this kind of music.

There's a few seconds between each sequence, so don't close it too early :)
And I hope that my msn-sound in the fourth sequence doesn't bother you (or Shazam) too much :lol: