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Does anyone have a copy of OSX Leopard to borrow or buy?


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Hello All,

My Dads hardrive on his imac (ppc) has gone and unfortunately we only have the disc for OSX Tiger... he's put a new HD in and reinstalled but need to upgrade it back to Leopard (which he no longer has a disc for) to retrieve his data with timecapsule...

Unfortunately Apple now only seem to sell 'snow leopard' which is incompatable with the ppc imac if any one has a copy to borrow or buy it would be much appreciated..




only got a copy of snow leopard ... i think i have a copy of leopard at my parents place.. but thats a bit of a drive.. :( sorry mate :(


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Keep up typo, it's not an intel mac so it won't run snow leopard mate.

I'd say trawl eBay but even there it's at least £60.


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Think he paid about £130 off ebay - can't remember how much it was to buy new but I think ppl are taking advantage of the fact apple no longer sell it... Still all sorted now.