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Do your kids believe in Santa? Check this out they will love it.


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Hay guys and gals, I came accross this last year.
Norad will be tracking santa on xmas eve as he travels around the world, using Google Earth, I mean of coarse they will it would be stupid not to.

You can then zoom in to his current position and watch santa and his raindeer in 3d going over valleys and towns etc...... on the other side of the world delivering presents and slowely moving over to us.

I think it starts from mid day here in the UK, and Santa starts in China/Japan.

Any way my kids loved it last year, and so did my freinds kids so I thought I would share.

Santa tracker ~ Index Page

The first time I saw this being advertised on telly, they got an American airforce man in a control room, talking as if it was a proper military operation to the adults, really spreading the magic of xmas.

If I can remember correctly he was going on about how Santa will reach US air space around 1am, thier time, by which point he would be escorted by 2 F16's around the states, but the F16's would stuggle to keep up, so Santa would have to slow down. Leaving US airspace 4 hours later where he would be picked up by the Mexican airforce at the border.

I mean that is only logical Santa has to follow international law like the rest of us, right?
Lets just hope he has his papers in order this year, hay, imigration can be a bitch :)

But seriously they made such an effort for the kids and this is just brilliant, any way check it out if you have kids, it only takes 5 mins here and there though out the day.

If you know someone who does have kids that believe in Santa, please pass it on, every one has really loved it that I have showed it to and my kids who are just at the right age, 4 and 2, will really like it this year.

Any way, don't be a grouch this xmas, pass on the magic.