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Do you validate/test your designs at all? How and when?

Hi all,

I am running a short survey to discover how designers test and validate their creative work.

Your insights will be useful in identifying whether designers and creatives are being well served with testing and validation tools and processes that conform to your creative and commercial needs:


Many thanks!



Staff member
You probably won't get many people responding to your survey. We usually like people to join in before asking this type of question.
Hi Levi,

Many thanks for the nudge mate. I totally understand what you mean. I am a UX Architect and although I am not a designer, I never miss an opportunity to work directly with designers in my projects, after all the UX principles are applied design principles.

Nevertheless, I have started to question whether usability testing offers designers what they need in order to be more creative and in control.

For example, typography as a vital element in the design is rarely tested for legibility and aesthetic impact. In the many cases I have seen, the designer will get the insights from a usability/UX tester who will report users had difficulty reading the text or finding the information. Invariably, the recommendation will come back as "make fonts bigger and bolder".

I promise I am going to start looking around the communities and help critiquing works submitted by the community. Many thanks for your help with the survey.



Staff member
I took the survey on the back of your last comment.

Not sure how helpful mine was as I tend to work alone and maybe get the wife and kids opinion but I rely mostly on client feedback.

BTW. Welcome to DF and I look forward to your input here. :)
Hey Scotty,

Having someone with your caliber answering the survey is the help I dream of! You do help a lot commenting. WOw what an amazing portfolio you have got!

Many thanks!